Google and Motorola announce curious tie-up at CES

Posted by Chris Green on Friday January 6 @ 2:19 pm

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While Google moved quickly to quash stories of a CES launch for a Google-branded sub $200 PC running Linux, the world’s leading search engine has announced one hardware-related deal at the Las Vegas technology show.

The search engine giant has announced a deal with Motorola, whereby the phone maker will integrate access to Google’s mobile web search portal into its future 2G and 3G phones.

Motorola will integrate a Google icon and link into selected devices so that users can connect directly to Google anytime, anywhere at the click of a button.

Motorola is hoping the Google-enabled phones will win it increased orders from mobile operators which have struggled to increase data revenues, especially on third-generation mobile networks that allow high-speed web access. Several initiatives, such as the introduction of MMS and cameras into phones, have so far failed to generate any significant lift in average customer spend. Motorola believes that easier web access, particularly over 3G networks which allow for greater data transfer rates, will help operators boost data revenues as well as add another reason to buy a Google-enabled Motorola phone over those from its competitors.

Motorola plans to launch the phones with Google later this year.

The mobile phone maker also hopes to increase use of photo swapping on mobile phones by working with Kodak, bringing out phones later this year that will send, ready for print or store a photo at the push of a button, similar to the QuickShare feature found on several recent Sony Ericsson handsets.

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