Computing Podcast – Number 4

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday January 18 @ 8:57 pm

My latest Computing Podcast is online over at In this episode I am joined by several studio guests to discuss the hot technology stories and issues. We discuss the announcements from Macworld Expo in San Francisco, and look at what impact Apple’s partnership with Intel will have on users and the PC industry as a whole.

We also look at how supermarket chain Waitrose is struggling to implement Chip-and-PIN payment services ahead of the 14 February deadline, how US anti-spam laws are landing massive fines and prison sentences on spammers, and how the educational Janet network is set to benefit from a multi-million pound investment.

You can download it and subscribe to the RSS feed for this and all future episodes at

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  1. Ewan Spence says:

    Chris, good cast, but one hint. Run a software compressor over teh whole thing and then bring the amplification up to -1 db, there’s a marked diffrence in the sound volume in different iinterview pieces.

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