London to host 2012 Olympics

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday July 6 @ 1:02 pm

This is indeed a sad day for Britain, and specifically London. Not only will taxpayers be funding this overblown sporting ad-fest for the next 20-30 years, but in true British sporting venue fashion, it will make Athens look well-planned and ahead of schedule.

It will clog the roads, the tubes, the airports, and the ghetto of North East London that will supposedly be regenerated by the £10bn investment that will fund the event, will in fact revert back to being London’s cesspit (just with newer brickwork) within 12 months of the Olympics leaving our shores.

A disaster for Britain – and another white elephant on the lines of the Millennium Dome waiting to happen.

Only this time, we won’t be able to swallow the cost and forget about it.

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