My hay fever lands me in trouble with an old friend

Posted by Chris Green on Friday April 21 @ 9:44 pm

On my way home from the office this evening, I managed, albeit unintentionally, to make a complete arse of myself, and in the process annoy an old school friend (sadly not for the first time).

A combination of feeling like crap and not being able to see properly thanks to a bad hay fever day meant that my blurry glances across the tube carraige towards someone I thought I recognised, did in fact look like I was giving said school friend the skink eye.

This was absolutely not my intention, and the subsequent pissed-off email I received from said school friend quickly made me realised that 1) it was who I thought it was and 2) what a git I must have seemed like under the circumstances.

Hopefully the apology I have just sent back will get to them rather than being filed in their Hotmail junk folder.

I hate hay fever, especially as I have only suffered from it for the last few years.

And if you are reading this – I really am sorry!

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  1. Ionto says:

    Speaking of hay fever, there’s a forum just been set up for it: – right in time for the pollen season!

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