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Posted by Chris Green on Friday July 1 @ 12:40 am

Well the podcasting revolution is in full swing. Soon we will have overthrown the western governments and taken control of the airwaves once and for all!

More on this later. first up, I want to draw your attention to the latest one hour web cast I recorded for Computing earlier this week. The web cast, which is a full video broadcast with synchronised presentations is on rich media IP communications (video conferencing, voice over IP, email, instant messaging, shared whiteboard and conferencing apps etc) and their benefits to business. We also include some discussion of consumer technologies such as Skype and the Vonage service). My guests for the broadcast were from Cisco, ICU Global (a reseller/deployment specialist for IP Comms) and an analyst from Wainhouse Research.

The web cast went out live at 3pm this past Tuesday, however it is now available for as-live playback. You can access it at http://www.vnuwebseminars.com

Please do check out the web cast. I hope that you will find it interesting and useful. As always, all feedback will be welcome.

Returning to the podcasting topic once again – Apple has confirmed that it processed one million podcast subscriptions through the new podcasting corner of the iTunes Music Store – that is an incredible figure. Similarly, Adam Curry reported in the June 29th edition of the Daily Source Code that his show has seen tens of thousands of new listeners in just the first 24 hours following the release of iTunes 4.9. Other Podshow podcasts such as the Dawn and Drew Show were knocked offline due to such heavy demand for downloads.

While things are getting better, both the iTunes Music Store and the individual content providers are struggling to keep up with demand for the service and for the currently listed podcasts.

In short – this is fantastic news, as it shows that already the mainstream users are buying into podcasts. Once the initial rush dies down, the service will be even more beneficial.

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