I am now a holy man!

Posted by Chris Green on Monday June 5 @ 11:41 pm

This past Sunday Sky One showed a repeat of the Simpsons episode where Springfield legalises gay marriage, and Homer becomes an priest after doing a web-based instant ordination, so that he can make $200 a time marrying anyone to anything.

Well I was inspired by the teachings of Homer and have followed in his footsteps. I filled out and submitted the form at the Universal Life Church and I am now a minister, and can legally perform weddings and other religious stuff in most of the US and Canada (not in the UK though – at least not yet).

I see this as an important first step towards becoming God.

The question is – loving God or vengeful God? Online poll coming soon!

2 responses to “I am now a holy man!”

  1. Mark Tennent says:

    Your holiness.

    I prostrate myself at your feet which I am too unworthy to wash.

    Forgive my interruption but I am wondering whether you can perform exorcisms or circumcisms in the UK? Maybe at wholesale price or two-for one offer?

  2. Dear God,

    Do you throw the lightening down at us? It scares me a lot when it goes BOOM. Please stop it.



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