UPDATED: Dell launches a blog – good for them!

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday July 13 @ 11:27 pm

PC maker Dell has become the latest high-profile IT company to launch a corporate blog.
Called One2One (I wonder if T-Mobile, owners of the now defunct one2one mobile phone network brand name will care about this, or if there is even grounds for a trademark challenge), the blog reads as if each post has been very carefully written, edited and approved by several people before seeing the light of day, and is clearly a marketing and PR exercise. It has received some criticism from other high profile IT and media bloggers, which is fair enough.

Peter Kirwan over at Fullrun has written a great piece about the roasting Dell has received from some a-list tech media bloggers for its efforts. It is well worth subscribing to his service if you are a tech media or marcomms professional.
My view of the Dell blog is [a little bit] more positive. Dell’s blog is not really my cup of tea, but good for them – I hope it works out and proves popular.

As with any media form, the reader/viewer/listener is opting-in to the experience by choosing to read/watch/listen. If you don’t like the idea of a coproate blog then don’t read it. If you want an insight into the inner thoughts of Dell executives, this might prove to be a good outlet.

Either way, this as with any blog will sink or swim based on the strength and appeal of its content.

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