IT PRO – It’s live!

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday July 25 @ 10:45 pm

I now know how a proud parent must feel after hatching its offspring. Thankfully, I do not have to worry about the years of nappies and god-awful family-friendly holidays that usually accompany parenthood 🙂

Big thanks to everyone involved in the project, the vast majority having invested months in the project long before I came along. So many people have invested a huge amount of time and effort to get us to launch, and all of them are continuing to work even harder to continue development of the site. I really appreciate it.
Oh, and before I forget, please do have a read of my IT PRO editorial blog:

4 responses to “IT PRO – It’s live!”

  1. Chris Green says:

    Cheers Simon – really appreciate it.

  2. Would you believe it? It needs a slash on the end.


    Well done. IT Pro looks like a ton of hard work.

  3. Chris Green says:

    Thanks David!

    Well spotted – thanks for letting me know. I have now updated the link.

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