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Posted by Chris Green on Saturday June 11 @ 1:35 am

It has come to my attention that there are some very disturbed people out there.

What follows is a message that was sent to me via an old defunct blog site I was playing with, and I’ve only just picked it up. To set the context, it was a comment in relation to a blog post about how I got my US work visa renewed in just a week last year, rather than the 2 months I had been expecting.

Also disturbing is that the author is also apparently named Chris Green, although I am unsure whether he is the one that used to run Virgin Trains, the one that does sports reporting for Radio 5 or the one that does stuff for the British National Party. All I can be sure about is that it is not me.

America worries me
I suppose that my main cause of worry is the barons in the background, the money men, the king-makers or president-makers; I don’t think that politics exists in America since both Democrats and Republicans are ruled by the power block created by David Rockefeller.

On our side of the pond we have the Rothschilds with an estimated fortune in excess of £100 trillion, gained by bailing out successive goverments in many countries over the past 3 centuries.

Rockefeller and Rothschild both belong to a group of 3 organisations – the so-called tri-partite, interestingly both Blair and Bush were checked out before their elections, by personal interviews, and Blair’s puppeteer, Alistair Campbell is a member of the big 3.

Effectively we have a fully-functioning global economy now, run by a small elite, above and separated from politics in all it’s shades.

It is a bit of an irony, Britain lost it’s Empire and the world gained a Baronial powerbase.

I wonder how long it will be before an American President decides that he is ordained by God to serve for life, and his sons thereafter, and how many years it will take before another Great Charter is written?

Constitutions giving rights to the common man are all very well, but it is Government that needs controlling; philosophical ideas of population rights were overturned the day they were ratified, by the people who were voted into power, since they were the people who were in power in the first place.

All 1776 achieved was a change of flag, and the prevention of any of the European powers gaining an ascendancy over the others, which was rather the point of the exercise from a European point-of-view, maintain the status quo and turn a profit at the same time.

My main worry in 2005 is that we have two leaders whose decisions are firmly based on the premise that they are completely right, because God says so, there is nothing more dangerous than a politician with convictions.

Of the 2 Blair has more intelligence, while Bush has a hidden hardness and guile, they both remind me of second hand car salesmen.

I’m pushing for Blair to be impeached, in reality the likelihood of that happening is approaching zero, nevertheless an effort has to be made, a stand of sorts against our elected dictator has to be made.

Whether the process is reported or hidden by the media – Sinclair, Murdoch, Fox, etc. does not matter, what matters is that we try all avenues under the due legal processes which are available.

At the root, we all have to stand and face up to our own actions, or lack of actions, I prefer to be standing, at the end of my life, in the knowledge that I stood up and spoke out about what I believe in.

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Chris Green of Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

Now I am not going to dispute that there are dodgy things afoot in the upper reaches of society, particularly in our fucked-up former colony across the pond (That’s the United States by the way) – the result of the 2000 Al Gore election victory that ended up putting Redneck George into office proves that one – but after reading some of what this guy is claiming, I really am questioning the decision to shut down all those mental institutions in the late 80s/early 90s – particularly in the Liverpool area.

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