FIrefox 2 is coming – come join the UK party

Posted by Chris Green on Monday August 28 @ 10:45 am

Get Firefox!

With the launch of Firefox 2 coming soon, a whole movement has spring up to organise and hold launch parties in honour of the best browser on the market.

Sign up for the UK party here – I’ll be there!

Let’s see if we can make the UK party the best-attended party of the lot, after all, we did invent the web!

2 responses to “FIrefox 2 is coming – come join the UK party”

  1. Ian Hayward says:

    Hey Chris, my firm is hosting/paying for the party 🙂 We have also maintained for the past year and a half and really want to show the world how the UK can come together to support Firefox!!

    There are now over 380 registered people so far, the venue has a function room capacity of 200 plus a bar area for 250.

    best way to get in the list now is to email who have been kind enough to organise the venue for us

    I’ve had confirmation today even Robert Scoble will be attending the party 🙂

    Main List…

    compiled from …

    Firefox Rocks!!!
    – Ian Hayward, Founder Glaxstar.

  2. Chris Green says:

    The fact that Robert Scoble (whoever he is) might show up is really not a good thing!

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