The thing about the iPhone is……

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday January 11 @ 10:33 pm


….. I really want one, even though I know I will hate the touchscreen input mechanism.

Having finally caught up on the Macworld keynote footage, I am extremely impressed by this device. The features and functionality that has been squeezed into the package is really encouraging, as is the use of full-blown Mac OS X applications such as the Safari web browser.

Battery life is OK – not great, but better than my Sidekick II, that’s for sure. Speaking of which, I really must get my hands on a Sidekick III from somewhere. Hint hint!


After having it weigh on my mind for a good 48 hours now, and after extensive email and MySpace conversations with a colleague from Micro Mart, I have decided to embrace my inner Mac and commit to buying one (you see, I do buy technology now and again, but it is so much nicer to get it on long-term loan).

So today, I have founded the iPhone Fund, a savings account into which I shall shove enough money over the next nine months to buy a iPhone, assuming a few things don’t change my plans in the meantime:

1) When I finally get to spend some quality time with one, it turns out to be rubbish!

2) The exclusive network for the UK turns out to be O2, which is rubbish and should be avoided at all costs.

3) I can’t buy one SIM-free, if the exclusive network is not T-Mobile, or Vodafone, or Orange (the latter two will need to sort out their pricing for data though).

Assuming that the iPhone does not fall foul of any of these points, I’ll buy one. Or, I’ll buy a Nano and gaffer tape it to a PDA.

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