Retinal projection – the coolest thing in the world!

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday January 16 @ 10:31 am

I’m in Spain at the moment with Brother for a conference. I’ve just seen a demo of their prototype retinal imaging technology. The technology, fitted into an ordinary pair of glasses, projects high-resolution and 3D images straight onto the retina using low-light, targeted projection. It is very very loosely based on inkjet print head technology.

Sounds very Star Trek I know but it is real and it works. Nowhere near ready for commercialisation as all the backend technologies still need to be scaled down, and there are massive power issues to address (think Tesco trolley full of batteries at the moment), but nonetheless – Cool!

I wonder if I could hook a video iPod up to it? It would make watching movies at work a lot less obvious!

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  1. al rice says:

    This technology was attempted initial adaptation by the Army for the Commanche helicopter. The company providing the commercial-of-the-shelf product was a Washington State company…can’t recall the name. This was going to provide an image to pilots in their helmets and provide a “heads up display” information system…airspeed data, heading, etc. The Commanche was scrapped.
    Your take on future potential if they can fix the power supply issue…provide commuter Video/TV product…video TV eyepod?.

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