I have succumbed to Twitter

Posted by Chris Green on Friday January 19 @ 2:20 pm

Not usually being one to follow the crowd (I prefer to lead it, usually while carrying a flaming torch or a pitchfork), I have made an exception and become the latest convert in the world of IT journalism to Twitter.

Twitter is basically like a meeting of instant messaging and texting – short messages that can be put on public display or circulated to your group of contacts that tell them what you are doing, thinking or planning to hit with a shovel.

So – here’s mine!

5 responses to “I have succumbed to Twitter”

  1. Justin says:

    welcome aboard…

  2. Stuart Bruce says:

    Welcome to the club – remember to put your phone to vibrate for text messages or the noise will drive you mad.

  3. Ian M. says:

    One month on!….how is it going? I see you are still posting…
    I have not tried Twitter yet but am interested – Why do you Twitter?Can you see yourself Twitter’ing in six months?

  4. Chris Green says:

    One month on and I am as hooked to Twitter as ever. I’m going to do a blog post on this shortly, but there are a few things that do come to mind.

    Does my constant Twittering annoy those people that subscribe to my posts? Do I Twitter too often?

    I like to Twitter as it is easier than the blog to communicate passing thoughts, ideas and location-specific stuff. As I can do it from my phone or in my case the Sidekick, its very easy to sound-off wherever I am.

    In six months – yes, I will definitely still be Twittering.

  5. So are you still twittering? Do you find it useful? I’m a PR student almost at the end of a masters degree and I’m writing about PR and new media as part of my uni blog. From a social aspect I can see the benefits although it’s probably not something I’m going to do to be honest but in terms of receiving news and communicating with audiences it seems like a massive jump in the right direction?

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