I’m all Joost up!

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday January 27 @ 9:44 am

I’m pleased to announce that my search for a Joost beta invite has been successful. I now have it installed on the Gateway lappy and I have been very impressed with it thus far. However, as it is still in reasonably early beta there is a lot of performance optimisation to be done, which shows when the app is running as it is very resource hungry.

Many thanks to Jim Hughes for the invite and to Ewan “iPod Shuffle Shuffle” Spence for brokering the deal.

14 responses to “I’m all Joost up!”

  1. Creeva says:

    any chance you can hook up someone else with an invite 😉

  2. Chris Green says:

    Sadly I haven’t been given any invites yet.

    When I do get one (or some) there is already a lengthy list of people who have asked me to Joost them up.


  3. Nag says:

    Hey, if u get one, please please send me one to. My email ID is nagarjun424@gmail.com ! Thanks in advance!

  4. Chris Green says:

    Still haven’t been awarded any invites to pass on I’m afraid.

    Do please keep in mind, so as not to be disappointed, that I have people I know who also want in, and they are likely to take priority over people I don’t know as and when I do get invites to pass on.


  5. zemberek88 says:

    would love to get a invite.

  6. joe says:

    hey, if you have a joost invite i would greatly appreciate it – thanks in advance


  7. Anton says:

    please i need an invite too 🙂

  8. Michael says:

    i would like an invite too, outlamed@yahoo.com

  9. Jal says:

    If you have any invites left it would be greatly appreciated if you could send one my way. Thank you 🙂

  10. 85thor says:

    I also would like a Joost invite, too.


  11. Eugene says:

    Me too please!

  12. Eugene says:

    Please can someone invite me :>

  13. stijn says:

    please invite me as well:

  14. Chris Green says:

    I have no more invites left. Please watch my blog as I will post a new entry when I have some more availbale.


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