Wedding time……

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday May 21 @ 1:09 pm

…..not mine though, but rather one of my best friends is finally getting hitched to his long time girlfriend.

The wedding is set for 3pm today, and with a bit of luck I might even remember to pick up my camera on the way out of the door today. Assuming I do take the camera, I’ll post a couple of pics here later.

Oh – and there is a little matter of the FA Cup Final today at 3pm (the same time as the wedding). Arsenal v Man Utd – a prospect that holds no interest for me whatsoever, except maybe if the Man Utd fans have a riot in protest at the recent takeover of their club by a guy who resembles a cross between John McCririck and that Crazy Frog mobile phone ring tone character.

And finally, this evening sees the annual Eurovision Song Contest – by far one of the most crooked competitions ever run by a group of public broadcasters. Still – it’s usually a laugh, especially with Terry Wogan taking the piss out of every act that participates.

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