Things I’ve learned this week…

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday February 15 @ 11:20 pm

Greetings from the Virgin lounge at San Francisco airport. I’m waiting for my flight home after almost a week here with HP.

This week, I have learned many things:

1) American cars, with the exception of the Mustang, are crap!
2) I really miss the power and comfort of my Rover 75, not to mention its ability to turn corners without understeering into a tree.
3) Twitter remains extremely addictive.
4) Twitter remains extremely dangerous.
5) We need a new blogging platform for the mag, I choose WordPress, and expect a lengthy and bloody battle ahead.
6) I am always right!
7) Except when I am wrong or annoying 🙁
8.) Valentine’s Day sucked this year for several reasons.
9) Blockbuster still hasn’t replied to my letter.
10) Customer service at Virgin Media since the rebrand has actually got worse – I didn’t think it would be physically possible.
11) George at Wal-Mart is better than George at Asda.
12) Pay day can’t come soon enough this month.
13) A server fan can be used as a replacement for an electric motor in a remote control toy car.
14) Two of my friends are not speaking to me this week – a new record.
15) In both cases, I really don’t know what I’ve done (can’t have run over their pets again, not been in the country).

This educational moment has been brought to you by the number 70, the letter A and the colour red. It has also been typed on my Sidekick, so apologies for typos.

4 responses to “Things I’ve learned this week…”

  1. Depends on what you want to do Chris. WordPress rocks for a lot of things. You do know the chief code wizard is not in the US but rather closer to home?

    blockbuster are assholes. (Bob Sutton’s definition)

    Pay day? What’s that?

    It’s a bit rich expecting your friends to accommodate the 8 hour time diff don’t you think? Or do they have an ethical position re: HP and are giving you a hard time? -:)

    70, A, red? Is that a bus service or CalTrain number?

  2. Chris Green says:

    70A = seat number on the flight home. Red = Virgin corporate colour.

    Bob Sutton is indeed wise 🙂

    WordPress is not perfect, but it is solid and reliable, and very flexible when it comes to reskinning it. Didn’t realise the chief techy was this side of the pond. It explains why it is so good 🙂

  3. Simon Bisson says:

    WordPress is indeed good – and easy to manage – and works with many offline clients.

    I have set it up in the past, so…

  4. Simon/Chris – TechCrunch is built on WP but as always it depends on what you want to achieve. I’m just finishing up one built on Blogtronix. Design wise it’s a tad restricted but there’s a ton of stuff BT allows that WP is nowhere near getting done.

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