Free Coffee Day

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday February 21 @ 10:15 am

On my way in to work as I type this entry, running late as usual.

Anyway, there’s an interesting ad on the back page of this morning’s Metro. Apparently all Starbucks branches in the UK will be giving away free coffee today between 2-4pm to celebrate “Good Coffee Day”, otherwise known as a Starbucks publicity stunt.

Starbucks are evil (We’ve all seen Austin Powers so we know this is true), but a free cuppa is a free cuppa, and we’ve basically paid for it already by buying overpriced Starbucks coffee in the past.

And Keely, if you are reading this – too much free coffee is bad – m’kay! Hope your week improves.

2 responses to “Free Coffee Day”

  1. Liz says:

    Mmmm… free coffee!

    It’s a Fairtrade promotion in aid of Fairtrade Fortnight (or something). You get a free cup of Estima coffee and, if you don’t get out of the door quick enough, a free ground coffee sample and a card telling you how to use it.

    As I’m strictly decaffeinated these days, mine will probably find its way onto eBay in due course, but it’s worth going along to your nearest branch for a laugh!

  2. Keely says:

    I am obviously reading this on my Coffee break….erm…which could be any time really, lets face it! Even mister smug George Cluney advertising Nespresso can’t put me off.

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