20,000 spam comments narrowly avoided

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday March 10 @ 9:16 am

Just did another clear-out of the spam comment trap on this blog, and noticed that the counter has just rolled over to report that in about six months since I first added it to the blog, it has intercepted and deleted 20,004 pieces of spam.

For a personal blog, that’s a lot of spam traffic.

2 responses to “20,000 spam comments narrowly avoided”

  1. Chris – is thgis a spam pissing competition. If so then please go check my stats

  2. Chris Green says:

    LOL – believe me, if you are getting more comment spam than me, you are more than welcome to it.

    My post was more a case of flagging up that even a humble, low-profile personal blog can potentially have the arse kicked out of it by spammers.

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