And the TV goes boom, crackle, fizz!

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday March 27 @ 10:42 pm

Well we had a bit of fun this past weekend.

On Friday the new sofa for my study arrived, and I was finally able to dump the futon that, while cheap and study and comfy to sleep on, was awful to sit on.

Much of the weekend was spent testing the new sofa, and catching up on the mounds of TV on the Sky + box that I simply have not had time to watch over the last 11 months since I started work at Dennis on IT PRO.

This was rudely interrupted on Sunday afternoon when, half way through watching the movie Thank You For Smoking, the TV in my study blew up!

The screen went blank, followed by a bit of a bang, then a shockingly loud short-circuiting sound, then the smell of burning plastic, shortly followed by some smoke. This in turn was followed by me diving across the room to clear a path through the shelving so I could pull the TV’s plug from the mains.

Obviously its not the only TV in the house, but it caught all of us by surprise, as it was the oldest, most reliable and generally considered to be the best of our TVs (even though it was a CRT, badged as Wharfedale and came from Tesco).

Still deciding what to actually buy to replace it long term, but for now I’ve gone for a cheap short-term replacement. A quick look on eBay produced a refurbished 28inch CRT widescreen TV of equal spec for 65 quid delivered, and it’s in transit now and due to arrive before Friday. This one was originally sold by Asda (badged as Pacific). I’m not expecting it to be great, but it will fill the gap left by the Wharfedale until I get round to buying a proper replacement, probably a LCD or a plasma (really would like a rear-projection TV, but haven’t got the space in the study for it, plus I doubt we would ever get it up the stairs).

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