It’s Sky Broadband Day…….hopefully!

Posted by Chris Green on Friday March 30 @ 12:55 am

OK, so this is a really optimistic post, as it is not long past midnight.

According to my recent letter from Sky, today is the day it is supposed to enable DSL on my recently restored BT line (having finally moved the phone away from the idiots at Telewest/Virgin Media). To be fair, it is not the end of the wold if it doesn’t happen today, and the letter did want that it may slip by a few days as they are still struggling to keep up with demand. I’m not surprised.

Anyway, if all works out, and the broadband is up to my high standards, I will be pulling the plug on my cable modem service. Keep in mind I was one of the first people in the UK – excluding the People’s Republic of Hull – to have cable broadband, so it will bee the end of an era, and hopefully the start of a better one.

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