The CNBC hat-eating extravaganza in full!

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday April 3 @ 12:52 pm


For those in the know, I was on CNBC this morning talking about the AppleEMI deal to offer DRM-free music content via iTunes, as well as talking about the EU investigation into territorial access to iTunes and similar services.

Most importantly, I was there to ‘eat my hat’, as I claimed I would do if, as happened, Apple announced plans to offer DRM-free content via the iTunes service. It’s an interesting bit of discussion, and pretty funny as well.

Mind you, I do stand by one comment I made – I remain convinced that it will be commercial suicide, not only for Apple and EMI, which both stand to lose a money as and when sales of EMI digital content declines because early downloads will leak onto file-sharing services and spread through casual piracy in the same way (if not moreso) as CD-based content does, but also the artists who woll miss out on royalty revenue, unless EMI (or Apple) has offered to indemnify them against potential losses? I’d love an answer to that one, but neither EMI or Apple will answer that particular question.

As always, those nice people over at CNBC have put the video online (better be quick as it goes pay-per-view after a day or so) and you can watch it by clicking here.

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