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Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday April 25 @ 9:09 pm

I recently received a comment on an old post I made about the FON WiFi hotspot service and my FON Router, asking for installation advice. I thought the following might be a useful post in its own right:

I read your posting about the fon router with interest.
In the article you say that you connected the fon router to your existing LAN and that it was easy to install.
Did you manage to install the FON Linksys router behind another router?
I have a 3Com router which gives all my computers a 192.1.168.x address.
But I’m not sure how to conigure the linksys router in order for it to recieve the internet LAN.
Should I connect the LAN cable from the 3Com router to the WAN port on the Linksys router or to one of the four others LAN ports.

Hi Sven

Yes, I did install the Linksys FON router behind my existing Airlink 101 Router. All you need to do is make sure the two routers are using different IP address ranges (I use 192.168.0.x on the Airlink and something different on the FON router). The IP address range can be easily changed by logging into the web-based admin console of the router (you will need to do this via a wired connection – a handy security feature).

All you then need to do is connect an Ethernet cable to one of the spare LAN ports on your main router, and connect it to the WAN port on the FON Linksys router. It really is that simple.

As a side note, FON recently contacted me offering me a free La Fonera router (the custom-built low-cost FON router the the company has put into production) to replace the Linksys as even FON has come to the conclusion that the Linksys router is rubbish. The Linksys FON router is bigger than it needs to be, uses more power than is needed, gets very hot at crashes – a lot. In contrast the La Fonera is very small, uses a small amount of power, auto updates with new firmware etc as needed and is very stable so far. However, unlike the Linksys router which is a 4-port 10/100 LAN router as well as being wireless, the La Fonera does not have the 4-port switch built-in, just a WAN port so all connections to it will need to be wireless. It does however broadcast two SSIDs, one for the public FON network and the other a WPA protected private wireless network.

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  1. Alan Vevers. says:

    I have been trying to read your ‘Fon router advice’, but the ITPRO blurb obliterates it. How do I read what seems to be intersting advice?

  2. Chris Green says:


    I don’t know what the hell you are on about – what IT PRO blurb?


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