What’s the deal with the Sidekick 3

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday April 25 @ 9:19 pm

Ok, another recent request for help in the form of a comment, this time about the Sidekick 3 Blackberry killer, so here goes:

Okay im very confused, i want a sidekick 3 however i was under the impression it wasn’t out in the UK…
Therefore where can i purchase one? I was brousing them on Ebay and people were claiming their US sidekick worked which i can’t see possible, also some people were saying that their sidekick is a UK version, but how is the buyer supposed to know that is realy is!?
Anyway what i am trying to say it, where on earth, no.. where in the UK can i buy one!!?!?!?!?!

Hi Emma

I am afraid that T-Mobile UK has made a complete balls-up of the Sidekick 3 launch in Britain.

The Sidekick 3 was launched here just before Christmas, a few weeks after the Sidekick 2 was discontinued. This launch was done with no promotion and no presence on the T-Mobile UK web site. Suffice to say it bombed and the product was quietly discontinued three months ago.

Unfortunately, nobody bothered to tell T-Mobile’s UK PR company, which was still sending Sidekick 3 devices out to journalists such as me in good faith right up until a couple of weeks ago, when we discovered just in the nick of time that the product hadbeen dumped, saving us the embarassment of running a review in two magazines for a product that was no longer on sale.

As I have previously mentioned on this blog, a US Sidekick 3 WILL NOT accept a T-Mobile UK SIM card. Be careful what you buy on eBay.

8 responses to “What’s the deal with the Sidekick 3”

  1. richard says:

    i was wondering if i could get t mobile to order me a sidekick 3, im really confused atm because it seems theres noway of getting one now unless you live in the us. thankss

  2. mike says:

    hi i have bought a sidekick 3 from the us and obiviously it doesn’t work but i have been told that in order to work in the uk i have to flash the firmware. can u tell me how to do this and where.thx.

  3. Eyah says:

    So, this is a saying that WE CANT BUY NOR USE SIDEKICK PHONES IN UK?? NOR ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD EXCEPT IN THE US???? Pls do let me know. I have been wanting to buy this phone!!

  4. Chris Green says:

    No, it doesn’t say that at all. Please re-read the post.


  5. Megan says:

    If i bought a sidekcik 3 from the US and got it unlocked onto the UK network would it then work in the UK?

  6. Chris Green says:

    Why on earth would you want to buy a Sidekick 3 now? It has long since been replaced with newer and better models of Sidekick.

    Better still, RIM has got its act together and started releasing good phones again – like the awesome BlackBerry Bold.

    You can learn more by reading my new book The Ultimate BlackBerry Guide. Available now from Amazon.co.uk and all good book shops.


  7. Waseema says:

    Do you know if T mobile will bring out the new sidekicks. I have the BlackBerry Bold, and technically it’s a great phone, but asthetically it’s a bit boring, which is where the sidekick, I feel, is better.

    Also, would SMS and calls work on an “unlocked” sidekick, making it a good 2nd phone?

  8. Chris Green says:

    It is highly unlikely that T-Mobile will release any further Sidekick handsets in the UK. The Sidekick 2, 3 and Slide all flopped in the UK market (not least because T-Mobile’s abysmal efforts to market the handsets).

    T-Mobile looks to be focussing more on the BlackBerry, which is continuing to sell in good numbers for the firm, and the dreadful G1 Android phone.

    SMS and calls would work on an unlocked Sidekick, but none of the data features would, as the data capabilities need to be mated with a Sidekick subscription and web-based sync space.

    Really, an unlocked Sidekick for just calls and texts would be a complete waste of time. You have a Bold, don’t waste your time and money moving to a Sidekick.

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