Auction houses negotiate the old fashioned way: Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday May 10 @ 10:54 am

I thought that with the rise of eBay, the days of gentlemanly auctioneering was long dead – but no!

Auction house Christie’s has won the right to sell £10million of artwork by beating rivals from Sotheby’s at the playground game Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Staff from the two firms were told to play the game by Japanese art dealer Takasho Hashiyama, who could not decide which of the two auction houses he wanted to place the bundle of paintings with.

Sotheby’s picked paper, but Christie’s chose scissors, which of course cuts paper and therefore wins.

Mr Hashiyama often resorts to the game to resolve business decisions.

Expect to see footage on Sky Sports soon 🙂

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