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Posted by Chris Green on Thursday July 5 @ 11:39 pm

London Undergroud seems hell-bent on trying to kill people, the weather seems hell bent on trying to kill people, and my colleagues seem hell bent on trying to kill people (the latter through alcohol poisoning, which is a good way to go). A mixed bag of good things, bad things, and a very boozy night in Brighton this week. All in all another voyage of discovery for the UK’s most controversial IT journalist and media whore:

1) Pownce has the makings of being a very useful application. Thanks to Simon Bisson for the invitation that gave me access to the service.
2) Sales of the iPhone have surpassed all sensible expectations, including my own. The likes of Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung and RIM had better hit the deck and start praying for a miracle, or failing that, just stop building handsets that are shit!
3) Sky offered me a really cheap deal on a second Sky+ box – in true Godfather style it was a deal I couldn’t refuse – surely proof I watch too much TV, or not enough, hence the need for a PVR.
4) I’m upset that Fopp has gone pop. Always used to go to their Edinburgh store when I was in the neighbourhood, and was a big fan of their enormous store on Tottenham Court Road (which they only opened a few months ago), just goes to show that even a kick-arse comedy club isn’t enough to compete against the super-slim margins of the online DVD and music retailers.
5) I’m probably going to have to find another route into work for the next week while Metronet and London Underground un-fuck the Central Line after today’s derailment.
6) If I took one useful thing away from our company outing to Brighton, it’s that I have a pretty good tolerance to the effects of a B52s.
7) If I took a second thing away, its that I probably shouldn’t send email to people after I’ve drunk eight of the things…..and several beers…..and a whiskey sour…..and a bottle of fruit cider……and four glasses of wine…..and two doubles of scotch……and a pint of Tetley’s.
8.) Starting to think about what to buy, what to bring with me and who else to bring with me to the Innocent Village Fete next month.
9) Have seen the running order for Frightfest, not overwhelmed by the majority of the films.
10) I have far too many computers that need reinstalling. Will have to take some time off to get them up to scratch.
11) I’ve inspired someone – cool!
12) Life is like painting a flower with funky reflective paint – just make sure you don’t buy an enormous canvas when the recipient only wanted a small one 🙂

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