Posted by Chris Green on Thursday July 26 @ 1:33 pm

OK, so it seems I’ve managed to touch a nerve with a blog post – again!

I did a blog post over on IT PRO lamenting terrible use of technology. The chaps over at PR blog The World’s Leading picked up on this, albeit not the whole post by the looks of it, and blogged it.

The subsequent first comment on the TWL post, done by a poster with a made-up name who threw their toys out of their pram in the most spectacular fashion is still making me giggle, it is that childish. The person I actually expected to get worked-up about my post was my sister, rather than Mr Made-up-name.

Still, at least I’m not as picky as the hack Sally discovered last night.

2 responses to “Blimey!”

  1. Sally says:

    Hey, at least TWL gave you a cool picture, though…

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