Holiday is back on

Posted by Chris Green on Monday August 20 @ 11:27 pm

After last week’s bad news that my easyCruise had been cancelled, I am pleased to report that we’ve managed to book something good, and cheap, to replace it.

We are off to Washington DC for a week, a chance to hang out and relax, do some sightseeing on our own timetable and most importantly, get away from life and work for a few days so we can recharge the batteries.

I am now in a better mood, and back in the swing of researching our new holiday destination.

2 responses to “Holiday is back on”

  1. Sally says:


    My chap has just got back from Washington DC. Weather is warm, apparently, so pack your short-sleeved shirts.

  2. HolidayGem says:

    Hi, is that easyCruise anything to do with Stelio’s easyJet? Why was it canceled?

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