Has online finally killed the retail star?

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday August 22 @ 11:28 pm

Reading the news that yet another retail chain has failed in the face of competition from bigger online rivals and major supermarkets, one has to wonder if the economics of online retailing in any sector are such now that only the biggest bricks-and-mortar traders can hope to compete on equal terms?

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One response to “Has online finally killed the retail star?”

  1. Simon Barcessat says:

    Hey Chris, interesting, assume you are refering to FOP – mass markets items maybe, Top 40 CDs, I cannot see a place for selling those on the High Street via “specialist” retailers. Back catalogue CDs – will we see the rise of the independent record shop where people require the skills/services of music people? ‘We wait and wonder’!

    btw – as a 5Live fan I have heard you many times on the radio and I thought there can only be one Chris Green!!

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