Euro 2008 suddenly loses interest for me…..

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday November 21 @ 11:00 pm

England managed to piss away their place in Euro 2008 tonight. Having been handed the mother of all second chances by Israel, all we had to do was beat a Croatia team that had nothing to play for, having already qualified no matter what their final result was.

Having gone 2-0 down thanks to two schoolboy errors by a rookie England keeper that had no business starting the game, we levelled it, and then blew it thanks to a cracking shot from a Croatian substitute.

With Russia having won 1-0 against Andorra, we are now out of the competition.

So, assuming Steve McLaren makes it out of Wembley alive tonight, will he do the decent thing and resign straight away or force the FA to sack his worthless arse.

Also – Scott Carson – you plank, you utter utter plank.

But spare a thought for kit maker Umbro, which has more than a few England shirts piling up in its warehouse. The company will be lucky to sell these as dish cloths now, and will probably be forced into a profits warning as a result of tonight’s failure.

5 responses to “Euro 2008 suddenly loses interest for me…..”

  1. Tim Hoang says:

    Bloody hell, what a joke – but the comment about Carson would you have picked Robbo or JAmes ahead of him. I’ve not seen him much this season but he’s had good reports.

    Even if they went though though they didn’t deserve it and were lucky to be still in it.
    Who wears umbro nowadays anyway that isn’t an England top?

  2. Chris Green says:

    A game of such importance was not the place for such an inexperienced keeper, regardless of club form. He needed a few international friendlies under his belt first.

    Exactly my point about Umbro – pretty much the only thing they make that people buy is England shirts, and they won’t be selling many of those for a while now.

  3. What a great sage you are Mr Green:

    “The team’s shirt sponsor Umbro, currently being acquired by Nike for £285m, is set to lose millions of pounds from the loss in sales of replica England football kits.
    Umbro issued a profits warning this morning after admitting it would not be able to meet its profit targets for the year.
    In a statement, Umbro said it was braced for a “substantial reduction in expected sales volumes” following the match result.”

    btw on the goalkeeper debate, I would have gone with James.


  4. Sally says:

    There was some football on?

  5. Chris Green says:

    James would alsl have been a better option than Carson, as James has experience as an international keeper. However, given the choice between Calamity Robinson and Calamity James, I’d still opt for the former, but not by much.

    Here’s another prediction, though this might gate a bit longer to come to fruition – if Nike does complete its proposed takeover of Umbro (which would trigger a get-out clause in the FA’s shirt deal with the company, expect the FA to swiftly announce a new deal with Adidas, which is keen to sign up both the England football and Rugby Union teams at the same time.

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