A desktop app for managing multiple Gmail accounts

Posted by Chris Green on Sunday November 25 @ 6:24 pm


The recent introduction of IMAP support to Google Gmail is nothing short of a godsend, particularly for people like me that have more than one active Gmail accounts (for example, I use one for all my eBay stuff, one as a general back-up, one for freelance work etc) but for those who want to manage multiple Gmail accounts through their native web interfaces, all that logging in and out can be a pain in the arse.

Not any more!

I’ve been beta testing a new app called Mailplane. It is a Mac OS application that lets you do all sorts of funky things with a web-based Gmail account, such as drag-and-drop file attachments, iPhoto integration and chat management. Best of all, it gives you a very simple way of having multiple Gmail accounts and being able to switch between them just by clicking on the appropriate email address in the account list in Mailplane.

While it is in beta, Mailplane is free, and I have some spare invites going if anyone wants to have a play with it.

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  1. Henry Iles says:

    Sounds interesting, is it out of beta?

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