The IT PRO fridge is dead!

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday January 9 @ 2:10 pm

Dead IT PRO beer fridge

Today is a sad day in the IT PRO offices. Our beloved drinks fridge has officially died after two years of faithful service.

We realised all was not well when we opened the fridge to retrieve a packet of butter for the morning toast round, only to discover that during the night it had malfunctioned and switched from “Cool” to “Hot”, and with it boiled several cans of Coke and a brand new pack of Flora. The tub of marg was given a hero’s burial in the kitchen bin.

So, in short, we need a new drinks fridge. As you can see, the current one is only small (holds about half a dozen cans), and isn’t really up to the task of keeping the growing team of a busy IT magazine full of chilled sugar and caffeine. Ideally, we would kill for something like this:

Beer Fridge

Obviously it doesn’t have to be a Stella-branded one. We are not fussed what branding is on it 🙂

Yes, I know this is a shameless blag attempt, but it is worth asking before we have to resort to finding a cheap one on eBay. In return we can offer as many IT PRO 2008 monitor calendars as you want, plus any other Dennis promotional stuff that we can find. OK, not like-for-like, but its better than nothing.

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