I’ve fixed the performance problems on the site

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday April 9 @ 2:55 pm

Visitors to this site will have noticed that it has been crawling for the last few weeks to the point of being unreadable.

I’ve been trying to work out what was causing it, as I had not made any kind of code change since I did the upgrade to WordPress 2.3.

Anyway – today I have fixed it. Turns out that the problem rested with reCaptcha, the Captcha-based anti-spam measure I deployed months ago to try and deter the huge volume of unsuccessful spam attempts that hit this site on a weekly basis (I also run Askimet, which does a brilliant job of trapping comment spam before it ever reaches the site, but was using reCaptcha to reduce the amount I then had to scan through in the spam trap before deleting).

It would seem that reCaptcha doesn’t like WordPress 2.3 or higher, so I have disabled it. Result – the site is now back up to full speed and is fully accessible again.

Let’s hope it lasts 🙂

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