This man is London’s best (and only) hope for salvation!

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday April 30 @ 4:53 pm

Boris Johnson

Tomorrow (May 1st) is the London Mayoral election. If, like me, you live within the boundaries of Greater London, please do not ruin it for the rest of us by voting for the leftie Communist Newt-toucher Ken Livingstone or the damp lettuce-leaf ineffective copper Brian Paddick. Vote for Boris Johnson.


I was born in London (in the Middlesex Hospital, which was opposite the IT PRO offices until it was knocked down a few weeks ago), I grew up here, I’ve worked here for almost my entire working life, and lived within the confines of the M25 for all but 4 of my 32 years on this planet.

In that time I have seen London develop and prosper. However, in the last eight years I have seen it steadily unravel and become a cesspit of hate, poverty, social unrest, failed public services, wasted local taxation, failed and unnecessary environmental projects, an underground rail system that is a worldwide joke, and unwanted Mayoral project after another. And there are too many buses on the roads!

Ken Livingstone has been responsible for destroying London over the last eight years, and given another term in office he will finish the job to the point that the effects of his ill-conceived and self-serving policies will not be repairable.

The Lib Dems have demonstrated themselves to be good local council custodians, but nothing more. Their choice for Mayor is inexperienced, a poor public speaker, and was an irritating politically-correct police officer who must share some of the blame for the woeful state of the Met and the frustrations felt by thousands of good coppers who just want to do their jobs. A London with him as Mayor would simply fade into the background, much like the current Lib Dem leadership.

Only Boris Johnson can provide common-sense leadership for the London Assembly and start the work on repairing London’s deteriorating public services and appalling record on law and order, putting London back at the top of the global agenda for businesses and investors, as well as tourism.

A vote for Boris is a vote for prosperity, for good schools, safe streets, jobs, good public transport, affordable driving options, environmental policy that makes sense and a London to be proud of again!

2 responses to “This man is London’s best (and only) hope for salvation!”

  1. nate says:

    Looks like the election worked out well for ya. Congrats!
    Sounds as if your Lib Dems and Conservatives are flopped compared to their counterparts here in the States.

  2. Di says:

    Here, here. I’d vote for Boris just because of his totally awesome hair, but those other things you mentioned are cool too. 🙂

    On a totally unrelated note, please tell us you can convince someone to send you to Dragon*Con this year for some world class reporting. Nate & I, Swoopy & Derek, JC Hutchens, maybe Rob (Podcast 411), and a ton more people are going. You must join us. (Besides, with the dollar the way it is, you would technically save money by visiting…and seeing as you sold so many of your ipods on ebay, you can totally restock at bargain-basement recession prices.)

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