Things I’ve Learned This Week…

Posted by Chris Green on Monday June 30 @ 1:56 pm

Yes, I know its only Monday, but that doesn’t mean I can’t resurrect my favourite list-based rant format. Christ knows I need something to get me motivated today:

  1. That study is not going to tidy itself.
  2. 90 per cent of the world is populated by very nice people
  3. 5 per cent are idiots
  4. 3 per cent voted for Bush – they need to be shot first come the revolution
  5. 1.5 per cent bought Betamax – need I say more
  6. The remaining 0.5 per cent are rude/prickly/overly aggressive/piss people off/don’t appreciate the situation (delete as appropriate). I haven’t decided what to do with these ones yet – might sell them on eBay.
  7. eBay rocks!
  8. I didn’t want a walnut-effect steering wheel, what I really wanted/needed was a new leather one.
  9. I’m sure Euro 2008 was a feast of football, but it failed to do anything for me 
  10. Not enough going on at Frightfest to justify a full festival pass this year, but I’ll be there for at least half the event.
  11. Jeremy Clarkson actually said something useful…when was the last time you just went for a drive……It’s been too long.
  12. Mmmmmmm…….cheese!
  13. Lovefilm sucks! If it improves, I’ll stay, otherwise I’m off
  14. Busy busy week this week.
  15. I need a new phone. I want a Nokia E71, but given my network provider only seems to add new handsets a year after everyone else, and has a hatred of anything with a keyboard, I’m not holding my breath.
  16. Finally did an iTunes movie rental on Saturday – the whole experience was surprisingly good.
  17. Despite being a Tesco loyalist, I am thinking about defecting to Asda.
  18. Not spending enough time blogging or Twittering. Need to sort both out.
  19. Need to find a nice place to stay in Northern France for a long weekend, somewhere that’s big for food and drink would be a huge bonus.

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