Geeks in Flickr sticker stampede

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday July 23 @ 3:18 pm

Flicker Stickers

Still at OpenTech, and preceeding the talk from the Yahoo guy on open source, I stood witness to living proof that geeks hunt in packs.

The yahoo guy was nice enough to bring with him a couple of handfuls of the much sought-after Flickr logo stickers. I secured one before anyone noticed them on the table, but as soon as the assembled masses realised what they were, there was a rush to the front, like teenagers at a boy band concert, and in a flash – all gone.

Except for one sticker, which remained. An eagle-eyed attendee lept from his seat, bounded up to the stage to grab it, caught his leg in a microphone cable, sending him and the mic flying!

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