Behold the BlackBerry Bold

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday August 13 @ 12:18 pm

I’ve just finished reviewing the new BlackBerry Bold and have to say I’m quite impressed. You can read my review over on the IT PRO web site now.

The Bold will be avilable on most UK networks by the end of the month, though T-Mobile is only selling it to business customers initially because, well – we don’t actually know why, we just know that it’s a bloody stupid move from T-Mobile, as usual.

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  1. Gah! My contract ends this month and I’ve been debating endlessly with myself about getting either the Bold or the iPhone, but I decided to be a man and finally make up my mind. And I did. Or I thought I did. I was going to go for the iPhone.

    But those battery timings could sway me the other way.

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