More on Frightfest, individual tickets go on sale August 1

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday July 26 @ 12:38 pm

Frightfest 2005 -

Just to clarify a couple of things, as I’m not sure it was clear in my post yesterday:

1) Frightfest rocks!
2) The team who organise it are fantastic, and I have a great deal of time and respect for them.
3) The box office staff at the Odeon are terrible, and it saddens me that their conduct is/could have a negative impact on the bloody hard work that Ian, Alan, Paul and everyone else involved put in to organising the event.
4) I definitely WAS NOT having a dig at the people behind Frightfest.
5) I was appalled by the box office and management staff at the Odeon West End.

Now that is clear – lets get on to the important stuff – why you MUST attend!

Among the ton of movies on show are the public pre-screening of Land of the Dead, with the director George A. Romero in attendance (subject to change of course). Evil Aliens, which is set to be another UK horror success alongside Shaun of the Dead, Wolf Creek, a startling story of British tourists lost and in danger in the Australian badlands – How Can You Be Found When No One Knows You’re Missing, and Dominion, the original Exorcist prequel that was subsequently canned and reshot as the one that went on general release.

It’s four days of solid movies, with shorts and surprises scattered inbetween the main features. Last year we saw, among other things, a 15-minute clip from Alien vs Predator long before it hit general release, and the previous year we were treated to a preview of Shaun of the Dead and a presentation from star Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright.

Weekend passes (£130 – including goody bag) are still on sale, and tickets for individual movies (£10 per film) go on sale from August 1st.


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