Microsoft release Windows Vista (Longhorn) Beta 1 early

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday July 27 @ 5:18 pm

At 5pm UK time today, Microsoft begand making the b1 build of Windows Vista available to developers on its various registered developer programmes. This is ahead of schedule as the release of beta 1 had been planned for this coming Monday, August 1st.

According to the brief press release issued at 5pm: “Beta 1 isbeing delivered to more than 10,000 Beta testers via the Windows Vista Technical Beta Program, and thousands more people will receive Beta 1 through the MSDN® developer program and Microsoft TechNet”.

Still waiting for it to pop up on MSDN Universal, but as soon as it does, I’ll be dropping it onto a test machine to have a play.

One response to “Microsoft release Windows Vista (Longhorn) Beta 1 early”

  1. Simon Bisson says:

    Apparently the MSDN drop won’t be live for a week…

    …and still no sign on the official beta site.

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