January 2010 Snow

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday January 6 @ 11:47 am

January 2010 Snow

Originally uploaded by Chris Green.

Woke up to a big blanket of snow outside this morning. It even froze the canal, as you can see from this pic. Someone even built a snowman at the end of the tow path.

Suffice to say, the roads are terrible and the office is inaccessible, so working from home today. Fortunately, heating, broadband and TV are all fully functional so I’m able to be productive.

I’m also thankful that I have an employer that doesn’t automatically assume that working from home means staff are skiving, and instead knows we are working hard by the results we produce.

More on my Flickr site.

2 responses to “January 2010 Snow”

  1. Eric Davies says:

    Nice photos, Chris! By the way, are you skiving again, instead of working?!? 😉

  2. Chris Green says:

    Skiving – never 🙂 I snapped these pics after I went downstairs to pick up the mail this morning. We’ve had several more inches of snow since then.

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