Longhorn – a painful installation

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday July 28 @ 8:46 pm

Finally – it’s done!

It’s taken nearly 24 hours, but the download is complete and I have managed to get a very shaky, but operational installation of Windows Vista (Longhorn) up and running.

First thing to note is that Microsoft did not have time to rebrand this Beta 1 release, and so it is still full of references to Longhorn. Also, it violently objected to being installed on my main AthlonXP 3000+ machine with its Nvidia chipset motherboard, instead it seems slightly happier with a more modest AthlonXP 1800+ machine with a basic SIS chipset motherboard.

It’s still a bit early for me to start making comments on the OS, and I must stress that this is a very early beta, and so does not reflect the final feature set and definitely does not represent the final user interface implementation (in fact the one in place screams of being a cobbled together Windows XP hybrid. This is fine, as this beta release is intended for developers to experiment with, not for end users to use it in anything representing a live consumer environment.

Anyway, more on Longhorn in the next couple of days.

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