Another Inconvenient PR Truth – tell us what you think

Posted by Chris Green on Monday March 15 @ 11:04 am

Back in January I blogged about a new campaign to encourage PRs to stop spamming the press with unwanted and unfocused communications. After a fantastic initial response, the team behind this campaign have put together a survey looking at the issue in more depth.

You can find the survey here, if you are a journalist please take a few moments to complete it and tell us exactly what you think about the state of irrelevant press release emails (otherwise known as “PR Spam”).

One response to “Another Inconvenient PR Truth – tell us what you think”

  1. Joe Thornton says:

    Great video posted with your original commentary in January! As a former journalist-turned-PR-guy, it’s a tough balancing act. I recall all too well the landslide of irrelevant news releases. Now I spend part of my time fending off requests that sound like this, “Can we get some PR out of this?” – which is often followed by a very self-serving story.

    Chris – some of us are TRYING to fight the good fight and minimize our irrelevance footprint!

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