It’s always interesting to see what other people write about you…

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday July 28 @ 11:45 pm

Nothing on the TV this evening, so while waiting for Longhorn to install I decided to have a play with Technorati. In particular, I had a little look at some of the blogs containing references to my articles and me.

Most of what I found were attributed quotes either from articles in Computing, or things I have said on TV – which is great. For example, I did a great deal of media work commenting on the role of the Internet in fundraising and distributing information in the wake of the Boxing Day tsunami. Hadn’t realised until now just how far round the world some of my comments had travelled.

However, as always there has to be one person who spoils the party. I found one blog that contained a recent post that took a swipe both at Computing and at me personally (it referenced me by name), questioning the quality of the journalism in both Computing and Data Business (the monthly mag-within-a-mag I edit for VNU).

I have absolutely no problem with people being critical of my work, the magazines I work for, or me personally. Everybody is entitled to their opinions – good or bad – and is perfectly entitled to express and publish those opinions. I just find it extremely distasteful when someone chooses to be critical and condescending about another person and their capabilities, and then doesn’t even have the balls to attach their own name to their comments, or to the blog on which they are posted.

I’ll leave it there – I have vented, and feel better for it.

On the plus side – only nine days until the start of the new football season! 🙂

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  1. Bored of Football already says:

    So… where’s the plus side?!

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