Apple launches multi-button mouse – Finally!

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday August 3 @ 11:04 pm

Since the launch of the first Macintosh, Apple has talked down the need for a mouse with more than one button. Indeed, Steve jobs has remained vocal on the subject, only recently reinforcing the fact that you only need, and shall always only need one mouse button to use MacOS.

Thankfully, reason has prevailed, most likely faced with the fact that Microsoft, Logitech and others are raking in a fortune from Mac users who crave a Mac-compatible USB mouse. I am one of those people – I currently use a Logitech Click Optical mouse with my Mac Mini, having ditched my single button white Apple mouse.

Apple Mighty Mouse

Introducing – the Apple Mighty Mouse. It’s an interesting device – left and right mouse buttons concealed beneath a single solid shell (they are using pressure sensors apparently to detect the attempted clicks), two side buttons (one either side of the main body) and a minature trackball in place of the now industry-standard wheel. This in theory allows for scrolling and navigation on any axis, beyond what can be achieved with a normal wheel, and allegedly superior to the more recent Microsoft X/Y axis rocking wheel.

Haven’t had a chance to test it yet. While the UK Apple online store is selling the mouse right now and reporting immediate availability, the Regent Street store is not expecting stock until at least this Friday. Will pop back in on Friday to see if they have them in, else I’ll get one and report back. Will also put in a call with Apple’s PR firm in case they can get me one to play with in the meantime.

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