Virgin Mobile UK: A useless company staffed by incompetent liars!

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday December 29 @ 9:24 pm

Today I decided to purchase a new BlackBerry as a secondary device, having decided that my HTC Desire is awful and no longer fit for purpose (In fact, I don’t think it was ever fit for purpose).

I decided to take out a new contract with Virgin Mobile (owned by cable company Virgin Media), as this company was offering a good deal on the BlackBerry Curve 8520 – free handset and only £12.26 a month for two years for unlimited BlackBerry service and a basic talk plan.

So, I called Virgin Mobile to place the order. What follows are the basic details of how this moronic company has managed to take a perfectly straightforward purchase of a new BlackBerry Curve 8520 on a new contract, with next day delivery, and turn it into a complete disaster and waste of my time in just sic hours.

On calling Virgin Mobile I had to deal with a foreign call centre, by the sounds of the person who handled my call it was in the Philippines. This is where it all started to go wrong. The call centre rep had a terrible grasp of English and didn’t really seem to know what they were doing. My credit check also took a prolonged period of time, though allegedly I did eventually pass it (and am good for three contracts apparently). I had to repeat everything multiple times, and had to ask for everything to be repeated due to the poor English skills of the sales rep. In addition, the rep was far more interested in trying to to up-sell the contract and sell insurance than actually log my details or answer any of my questions.

However, I was called back by the same rep two hours later to say that my order had not gone through the system (a very vague and unexplained statement) and that she was going home now so wouldn’t be able to deal with it any further? I requested an explanation as to exactly what to the problem was and why it was not being rectified. None was given. I was then told that if the phone didn’t come out on Thursday it would come out on January 5th and would this be OK. I said no, it most certainly would not! I then insisted on escalation and was eventually called back by another person (this time in the UK) at about 5.30pm.

This person claimed I had not been credit checked at all by the foreign call centre and that my bank details had not been logged on the system. In addition, she claimed that my order failed because my address was too long? She took my address and bank details again and promised to push the order through manually, and that she would call me back by 6pm to confirm whether the phone was ordered and would be delivered on Thursday. The call never came.

So, as I write this, it’s nearly 9pm in the evening, I’ve not received the promised callback to either tell me the phone is on its way or to confirm that Virgin Mobile can’t organise a booze-up in a brewery. I now have no idea if the phone is going to be delivered on Thursday, or ever, and the very rude woman I’ve just spoken to at customer service told me there was nothing about an order on my account, the department dealing with it is closed and that I’ll have to call back tomorrow. No help whatsoever and very rude in the process.

In short, Virgin Mobile is utter crap and your staff are a joke. You have repeatedly lied to me today, you have failed to complete a very simple order for an advertised product, you have taken sensitive data from me in the form of my bank details and debit card details and failed to use them in the way that was promised. You have failed in your duty of care regarding my personal data having lost said banking and payment details after the original sales call, resulting in me having to give them to you again. You then failed again to use that data in the stated way – as you failed to actually set up a direct debit or process my order. In addition to all of this you have, as a result of your incompetence, potentially run a completely unnecessary second credit check, an action that will affect my on-going credit rating.

I will be calling you on Thursday morning. However, it will most likely be to tell you to shove your BlackBerry. If this is how you treat new customers at the point of inception, I certainly don’t want to be dealing with your unpleasant, untrustworthy and utterly incompetent organisation for the next two years of a contract!

I also expect an apology!

UPDATE: I received a phone call from Virgin Mobile’s call centre at 11pm on Wednesday night. No apology was offered for calling me so late in the evening, no acknowledgement was made of the fact I was already in bed at that time (I did mention this on the call), in fact, the caller (a different Philippine call centre rep to the one who handled my original order call) had no concept of what time it was in the UK.

Anyway – the call centre rep still had no idea what was going on or why my order still had not been processed. All he offered to do was run the order again (and credit check me, again). Despite the time, he claimed they could still get the phone to me on Thursday, and when pointed out that no courier company was going to collect a handset from Virgin Mobile at past 11PM one night for next dat delivery, he chirped up with the following:

“Well if it doesn’t come on Thursday, maybe it will arrive in 2-3 days, but that will also be OK”.

No, it bloody well will not be OK!

Virgin Mobile (and with it Virgin Media). I’ve made a bold statement with the title of this post – I challenge you to prove me wrong. So far, you have only proved me to be absolutely right!

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  1. jan latham says:

    Just read all the comments about virgin mobile and agree with them all – similar story in that I went over the credit limit without realising and ended up owing them 85.00 I’d had no notification by text to let me know I was near my limit – when I did get put through to collections they ‘agreed’ to stagger the payments – so I paid 5.00 then 10.00 within an hr got a phone call so I told the guy he was harrassing me he said no I’m not it was all very creepy and when I asked to speak to a manager he didn’t want put me through – made more calls as I received a letter threatening to pass on to a debt collector – the company is a Mickey mouse 1 – I’ve been with virgin media for 20 years it was run better when it was a smaller company – cable – I’ve got the CEO’ s email addresses from this forum so I’m going to e mail them on Monday. I wonder what Richard Branson would make to it as ll – he probably wouldn’t care

  2. Jay says:

    U r so right I have tried to top up my mob for the last 3 months and each time I dial 789 top up line u get. Sorry we are having trouble with our communications at the moment .when u report it they say u are the only one having this problem and all phillipinos can’t speak English very frustrating I’m beginning to feel persecuted help

  3. jan latham says:

    I tried to email neil berkett and rajiv tandon – got details from a responder but message couldn’t be delivered could someone give me correct email addresses thanks ?

  4. BobDobb says:

    I contacted Neil Birkett’s office successfully using this email address:

    I was called back and the problem resolved. Unfortunately I now have an other issue and the Phillipines call centre operatives are beyond useless. When will they ditch these dreadful, incompetent overseas call centres??

  5. Brad smith says:

    Completely agree with the above – I’m still currently waiting for my phone which was meant to be here this morning,

    Virgin mobile and media are both shocking excuses of large companies and need huge reform as they are going to lose a large amount of it’s customers if it continues down the same path.

    They tried over charging me for services today after I clearly had literature from them telling me what the deals were. They can also shove their new customer deals where the sun doesn’t shine … A customer who has financed them for the past 3 years is much more important than a new customer! Disgrace!!!!!!!

  6. Pete says:

    I found this page with “virgin mobile so incompetent it hurts”.
    Totally fukishimad
    Same old same old.

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