Mighty Mouse – the first impressions

Posted by Chris Green on Monday August 8 @ 1:47 pm

Just got back from the Apple Store in Regent Street, where they finally have stock of the new Mighty Mouse.

Have decided not to purchase one at this stage, and instead wait for my review unit to arrive. I did have a few minutes play with one in the shop though, and these are my thoughts:

  • As with the conventional wired and Bluetooth Apple mice, the Mighty Mouse is very high resolution, and as such, even at maximum pointer speed, still needs a very generous arm movement to get it from one side of the screen to the other.
  • The click mechanism is interesting. There is still only a single click movement, the same as the existing Apple mice, with the whole front of the mouse pressing down. However, pressure points on the forward left and right areas of the surface determine whether the click was a left or right button click. This works well, but means you can’t rest your finger on one button while trying to ‘click’ the other button – the mouse gets confused and doesn’t register anything.
  • The USB cable – fine if you don’t want the hassle of buying new batteries every 6 weeks, but apple mice cables are a pain at the best of times.
  • The scroll wheel is an excellent idea. It is easy to control and allows for both horizontal and vertical axis movement. A bigger ball would be a great help though.
  • The price – for what good points it has, the Mighty Mouse simply is not worth £35.

Sorry Apple – it looks like I’ll be sticking with the Logitech Click mouse for a little while longer yet.

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