If only all web applications were so easy to upgrade….

Posted by Chris Green on Monday August 15 @ 4:04 pm

I am pleased to announce that I have upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, without breaking the site!

This is now the second time I have updated the WordPress installati0n myself, rather than wait for my web host to update their Fantastico set-up (which in turn would then update my install in a handy one-click fashion).

I have to say, given my experienced with PHP-based web apps, this was an absolute breeze! No scary PHP script or permision errors or anything, you just nuke everything except your database, content folder and config file, copy in the new version of WordPress (taking care not to overwrite the content folder), run an upgrade script which seems to do very little very quickly, and you are done.

Already, there are one or two nice little additions that I have spotted – such as the ‘Save and continue editing’ button when editing pages.

Keep up the good work WordPress team.

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