Podcasting – we are getting closer

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday August 16 @ 12:19 am

I did some podcast testing this evening, in between researching several things for next year’s US holiday – currently researching car hire charges, and options for touring Napa and Sonoma Valley that won’t involve me driving (so I can drink).

Had a play with the Maplin stereo condenser mic, and was rather impressed. The quality was far better than the price suggested it would be. Also had a play with GarageBand – I think I am going to have a lot of fun making jingles using the voice effects within Apple’s superb mixing and recording tool. And also gave the Creative USB sound card a run-out in conjunction with the Compaq laptop. This too was very encouraging, especially as the Compaq lappy and the Creative USB sound card are set to form the bulk of my mobile podcasting kit.

But the big question remains when – when will we do the first podcast for VNU? Chances are I’ll do a couple of one-offs for chrisgreen.co.uk first in order to debug things and get my style sorted, most likely using material from the PDC conference in early September. But the big one will be the Podcasting and Portable Media Expo taking place in Ontario, California in November.

The plan is to podcast the podcasting conference. Not only is it a novel idea, but also it makes sense for us to do it as a one-off, especially if it all goes horribly wrong. Of course, if all goes well, which it will, then it’ll be the first of a regular run of podcasts, branded under one of the VNU magazine or web brands.

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