Warming to the new Apple Video iPod

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday November 5 @ 2:58 pm

When Apple announced the Video iPod, I was somewhat disappointed with the device. While it does an excellent job of playing video, I was disappointed that Apple opted for crowbarring a 2.5inch screen into the existing form factor, rather than redesigning the device to accommodate a much larger, widescreen display.

I was also disappointed that the new iPod only ships in 30GB and 60GB configurations, with no 80GB or 100GB option – lets face it, with video content now coming thick and fast in the form of music videos, tv shows, movie shorts, video podcasts and iPod porn – the more storage available the better!

However, the more I play with the device the more I warm to it – I am still disappointed by the lack of a bigger unit than the 60GB one, but I am starting to come to terms with the small screen – it really is OK to watch for a prolonged period.

One has to wonder how long it will be before I sell my 4GB Nano and 3G 40Gb iPod and invest in a 60GB Video iPod.

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