iPod Mini is now retro chic

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday December 15 @ 11:04 pm

iPod Mini - now a retro must-have for Christmas

It seems the iPod Nano is not the only small iPod in hot demand this Christmas. Despite the fact that the iPod Mini was replaced with, in my opinion, the far more seductive iPod Nano three months ago, such is the demand for the now ‘retro’ Mini that the remaining new and even good condition second hand models are selling for astronomical prices on eBay and similar sites.

At the time of writing this post, a silver 4GB Mini (yep, not even the always big-selling pink model) was one of several going for over £235 – a clear £100 more than is retail price back in early September before it was axed.

Maybe some people are being put off the Nano by how easily they scratch (and they really do scratch at the slightest touch – a problem the very robust Mini never had), or by the problem with a batch of duff LCD displays in an early batch of Nano units – but to pay £325+ for a 4GB iPod Mini, even a new one, is just silly.

My advice – buy a 4GB iPod Nano, buy this case from PDair (easiest place to get it from is from any of the multitude of eBay sellers that are currently offering them new), and you’ll still have change from £200, and you’ll save even more if you can buy your Nano stateside like I did (at the time of writing, its $1.76 to the £pound – thats really good for us Brits when we are visiting the colonists across the pond).

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