UK TiVo becoming a must-have at last?

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday December 21 @ 11:38 pm

TiVo Logo
It is a surprise, considering how spectacularly TiVo flopped in the UK, that used and refurbished units are going for upwards of £300 on eBay at present.

For those of you who have not experienced TiVo, it is a similar form of digital video recorder to the Sky+ which currently dominates the UK marketplace. Unlike the Sky+, it has no built-in DVB satellite tuner, and instead connects to your existing Sky box, Freeview box, analogue aerial, VCR etc.

It was and is technically better than the Sky+, supporting predictive recording and over-the-air recording set-up.

Anyway – do a search on ebay UK for TiVo and prepare to be shocked at the prices. Just remember that you will still need to spend £10 a month for the TiVo electronic programme guide subscription (the service still operates in the UK and accepts new signups) in order to get the full benefit of the device.

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